November 17, 2009
Looking back on the good times
Is the saddest way
Of remembering

When your life is slow
And your life is sad
Then you look back at the happy
And you cry and cry and cry

Because things aren't like that
Because things won't be like that
Ever again

And you can't stop crying
The tears race down your cheeks
Because you're remembering
And there's such a good feeling
Until reality stomps it away

Then that one song
Starts to play
And time stops
As you go back to that time
And you cry and cry

You can't use that perfume anymore
Because it reminds you
Too much of him

And you can't eat strawberries
Without thinking of him
Because he brought them
To lunch every day

And you can't look at those pictures
Because it brings you back in time
And then you cry
And you can't stop crying

And everything reminds you
Of him
But it hurts to remember
So all you can do is
Cry and cry

All you ever do is

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