African Albino Frog

November 17, 2009
Small pudgy arms
Fat legs, webbed feet
You are a cold white piece of slime
Floating in my fish tank
All night I sleep in tranquility
To the sound of your drum-like croaks

If I move
You stop croaking
But after awhile
You start again

Watching you feed
Leaves me standing in awe
Due to the fact that you’re
Practically blind
You’re as swift as a ninja
But as solemn as a monk

I wonder?
What do you feel and think?
Are you bored
Sitting in a cold tank?

At times you freak me out
Calmly drifting with the current
Of the nearby filter,
Red eyes glaring
Out of your world
And into mine

It seems I would have
Sold you long ago
But you, you of all things
You stuck around

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