Make me a Man

November 17, 2009
By Gwenly BRONZE, New York, New York
Gwenly BRONZE, New York, New York
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every second is another chance to change your life around.

One day Mother earth and Father Sky
Birthed a child and they said unto her
“We shall give you a gift my child
What is the gift that you deeply desire?
To be the sun?
To be the moon?
To be a star?
To be the wind?
To be a tree?
To be a mountain that with holds the breeze?
To be the shadow, which shelters trees?”

But all the girl wanted was an equal side
The girl said to Mother earth and Father Sky
Please keep me the same
But what I desperately want
Is man to be made.

Make me a man no less perfect
No less true
For me to fall deep into a spiral of passion
Make me a man who’s both strong in body and of heart
That is driven with passion and learning
Who uses his mind.
Who understands art and life?
Make this man rib of my rib
And clay of mine
Make this man to have courage
To be solid
Make this man a stone of the world
But a pillow for me

Make me a man that will always be real
No matter how hard it will be in times
Make this man’s heart no more perfect
Than how you’ve made mine
Make this man my shelter
My warrior
My prince
Make this man the one who will advise
Make this man my prize

Give this man hands just as sturdy and as strong
To build the walls of a kingdom for him and me
Where we are both royalty
Make this man go through battle
Make him fight for me
Make this man feel me up with all love that can ever be
Make this man travel through me
Through my village in search for truth

Make this man show romance within his strength
Make this man
All man
A good man could ever be
Make this man my husband
Make him a father
Make this man a protector
Make him a soldier
Make this man a king
And I his queen

But most of all
Mother earth
Father sky
Make this man my equal
When times are unjust
When the cold seems bitter and rough
Give him the gift of tranquility
Make his spirit soar for me
Make his eyes see mine
As the only splendor
Give him virtue
Give him peace

Make him
Make him this man
Make a man
Make me a man
My man
This man of mine

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