Runners In The Dark

November 17, 2009
Some of us sat around the campfire,
Basking in its heat, fleeing the cold of night,
I was with them.

Some of us hid in the darkness,
Embracing the cold night,
Hating to feel the flames searing our skin, envying those who could bear it,
I hid with them.

Some of us ran in the darkness, a game of life and death,
Leading our brothers to safety,
While damning ourselves to the light.

Some of us chased the runners,
The thrill of the hunt,
The salvation of the screaming yells,
We ran our prey down chasing and destroying,
I fought with them.

Some of us wept in the woods,
A search for a truth long forgotten,
And running from the warm lights behind us,
Forgotten and running,
I was with them.

Some of us fought with our kinsman,
Running and screaming from the life they wanted us to want,
I was one of them.

Some of us sat perturbed,
Not knowing how to flee,
Not knowing how to live a life we didn’t want to want.

But we were a family,
Never content but always alive,
We knew that some of us sought to run from this life, and they would,
And we knew that some of us would stay, and they did.
But we all knew we were one, through happiness and hardships,
Because we were a family,
And families never left.

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