Running Toward Death

November 17, 2009
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i here them bark
loudly as i run
i move so fast
i don't see the sun
going down
above my head
if they catch me
then i'll be dead
i run threw the woods
at full speed
my necklace snaps
and i lose the beads
in the pure,
white snow
there's no turning back
there's nowhere to go
a branch hits my rib
the pain is coming fast
i run toward the future
away from the past
i can't run anymore
the pain is too much
all i feel now
is the wind's cold touch
the air stings my face
thats covered with tears
this is way worse
than any of my fears
i fall to the ground
doubled over in pain
i look ahead of me
and see a deer has been slain
maybe thats my fate
thats why i fell here
my body is getting cold
lifeless without cheer
i close my eyes and
the dark swallows me whole
the darkness might take my body
but the light will have my soul

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