November 17, 2009
By Mariaalessia BRONZE, Guaynabo, Other
Mariaalessia BRONZE, Guaynabo, Other
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when you feel masks
keep covering your feelings
not letting them come out
with all meanings

as hard as it can get
as difficult to break through
those masks of steel
that don't let you feel

masks that cover the inner you
the outstanding self
the gorgeous goddess

so hard so difficult
to show the world
that beauty that you know
has been there al along

as bad as we feel
of saying our thoughts
of commenting out loud
of breaking the rocks

inside everyone
there’s a hot mama
a sexy chick
and a grand panorama

don't be afraid
you already have a soul mate
you're other half
you're can't live without

so come on!
stand out!
rock on!
break out!

be yourself! conquer the world
why hide under masks
when so much beauty wants to show!

treat yourself as what you are worth
nothing bad will happen
never expect the worst
be careful with all that's going to come

FEEL INSPIERED! your worth a lot
you’re the daughter of God above

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