Chained to Sanity

November 17, 2009
I am chained to sanity by this heart of mine
At times my emotions go on overdrive
I am profound,
Getting lost in an eye level sea of letters
I can swim just fine.
I am rhythm.
This tale tails previous emotional trips.
Many things I had to come to grips with
As PJ I had to reflect with Intrapsychic Thoughts
I stopped worrying about girls that were hot
But my worry has grown feet and walked
Passion was in everything I was taught.
But where are my teachers now?
They have left to teach in a far different realm
I now hold MY destiny at the helms
My compassion has been taken advantage of
And yet, I still believe in love
When many a people I have disbelieved
When told of many horrible things
It didn’t take my teachers to tell me,
But people of this world need plenty of helping.
So I reach out, like a baby to the stars
And seek comfort in a feeling that’s far
I question my heart and ask just why
Do I have to be such a good guy?

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