November 17, 2009
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I see her there,
I grin as hard as I could.
Does she see what I'm doing?
I can feel her eyes avert to me.

No it's not me, that
she runs and hugs.
Not me. That other guy.
I watch. Just plain watch.

Saturated water is welling up in my eyes.
My throat is heavy.
Tears are trying to give me away.
"No, no, no", I say.

They're gliding down, slowly.
I can feel the salty taste, the desperate wanting.
All I want her to do is see.
Catch me and feel me.

Doesn't she see what I want?
Can't she hear me at all?
My heart is pumping adrenaline.
My mind wants to connect to her.

I walk to her and him.
My heart is trying to defy gravity.
I catch her hand and put it to my chest and say -

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