For Me

November 16, 2009
By Anonymous

For Me.

Why can't you love me like he does give me what I want
This meaningless love that for some reason you can't

Love me care for me call me when you miss me
But you can't and that's all it'll ever be

If you miss me? Do you miss me? He misses me always
He loves me and cares for me I know it because that's what he says

He knows what he has is good, I'm rare
What he has is good and he doesn't want me shared

Good luck finding someone like me
Someone who can always be

Who cares for you like I do
Who loves you like I do

A love you can't find anywhere else
Love that you don't even have for yourself

I'm rare and you'll miss me when I'm gone
I'm rare and you'll miss me when we're done

When you throw me out like last weeks trash
And forget about how happy you were in the past

Find someone like me and I'll be impressed
Care for her like you didn't for me and I'll be pissed

But I keep coming back to you
Like the stupid pup that I am to you

You won't ever learn you wont ever feel like I feel
I know that in my heart, and somehow I'll deal

Because we're two different beings
And it's different how we see things

You could never care for me like I care for you
You could never care for me like he does too

Never ever so why do I falsely expect it?
Why do I cry over it?

To make myself disappointed, over and over
But it will end for me it'll soon be over

Why are we so good together, but only when we're together?
Are we even good together?

Or does it just seem that way because thats what I want?
To have love for each other though I know you can't

You can never understand never comprehend
You can't no matter how much time we spend

That you can never give me what I want
The kind of love that I want

The kind of love that makes me want to be with you forever
I'm drunk for you and I hate being sober

For every waking moment of every single day
I want to be with you always, no price to pay

Like he understands like what he knows how to do
He knows what I want and what I like, unlike you

He does it.
For me.

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