Confessions Of A Cheater

November 16, 2009
By , Albuquerque, NM
Love for me that you can't touch
I want love for both but it hurts too much

Underestimated consequences, I don't know what to do
The love I feel for him is more than what I feel for you

Disable me from love for more than one
And perhaps eventual peace will come

Smoke a cigarette to kill the stress
The guilt I feel, I'm so depressed

A question mark at the end of the word love
The confusing feeling, I've had enough

Wishing it'll stop, I'll make it end
But cause a broken heart for my best friend?

He cares for me like no one could
To be with me always like the other one should

Stuck in the middle of two people's care
The stupid slut, I can't be shared

Forbidden love regardless of when we're together
Be it while I'm with him before or thereafter

Kill it now, end with a fight?
Two types of love, it'll never be right

What can I do, what can be done?
Love to me is more than just fun

Continue now or put it on pause?
Or will it just end up a lost cause?

Dream of the future and what it might hold
Something good or ice cold

Can't help these feelings, can't help the pain
Can't help the stress that fills my brain

Just a word, this "happiness"
A truthful feeling, no I'm too tense

Leave me alone! I wanna scream!
But I need them both, can't make them leave

Cleanse my thoughts, one last kiss
Before it ends, it's you I'll miss

The guilt I feel, my nerves are shot
Would he do this to me, no I think not

Fess up, throw up, feel no more
Destroy the heart, invade the core.

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