The Road

November 16, 2009
without the stuggle
you know no strength
the beating heart
in my brain

broken dreams
and shattered glass
good things in life
just don't seem to last

shaking with fear
as you take your first step
no time to stop
breath or think of whats next

by going though the motions
you wont go nowhere
bruised to the bone
hallow and leaving you bear

be subtle in your movements
and think before you act
take responsibility for your actions
and always give back

life isn't easy
and nor should it be
think about the people
still fighting to be free

so now i have chosen my way
and i have chosen my path
not to sit and wonder
nor dwell on the past

the light at the end of the tunnel
seems so far away
but i guarentee i will get there
by the end of each day

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