Humanity's Insanity

November 16, 2009
By Vinny_K SILVER, Eastlake, Ohio
Vinny_K SILVER, Eastlake, Ohio
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So many are superficial as to make it a religion. So little are not as to make it heresy.

Something wicked this way comes,
An army as vast and dark as the sea.
My heart beats as the war drums
To the legion of thoughts within me.

My mind is as a swirling cesspool
For my contaminated thoughts.
Diseased and repugnant, they seek
For another they may infect.

It is an evil, chaotic place;
The recesses of my mind.
Filled with angels fallen from grace
Where no peace a man could find.

It seems my perversion of sanity
Is the cure against all of humanity;
Which is a dark and horrid plague
Whose purpose is not so vague.

The purpose of man is not to live on, eternal;
But to end that which will still exist after it;
To end the innocent Earth and all its glory;
That which allows us the life we cling to.

So in the end our path will be
The ultimate demise of all that breathes.
The infamy of man cannot be surpassed
For we are the reason good things can’t last.

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