November 16, 2009
How is it that I find myself falling for you, so soon?
I told myself that I wouldn't. I couldn't do that to me, to you..
But with every word you say it mesmerizes me and I find myself tangled.
You rush through my thoughts like words over my tongue, and your scent stains my mind.

You say you've fallen and it's alright for me to fall also,
that your arms are open to catch me.

I haven't felt this way in so long, but with one word you took my heart and gave me these butterfly's that just wont go away

You ask "Can you see yourself in love with me?"
I say that I'm beginning too.
When I asked you, you answered with how couldn't you.

This all seems so weird, but like you said..
You never know when or who loves going to hit first.

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