old friend

November 16, 2009
By Duke!! BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Duke!! BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Something has happened to you, my friend,
You use to be yourself and now you pretend
To be someone else… someone that’s not you
I wish you would tell me…where’s the real you?
You broke my trust when you tore apart
all that tied us at the start…

So now, you have built this other you, a monster
that keeps on breeding hate faster and faster…
Why have you done this? Can’t you see?
The way things are, is not how their meant to be.
You pushed me away, so there is nothing I can do
to help reveal what is left of the real you…

Look in the mirror and try to see
if this is the way you want to be…

Outside so beautiful, inside so dark,
A girl that has no heart…
A girl that knows nothing of a
True friendship anymore
Clothes with prints that “scream” with pain,
All done for attention, but isn’t working .
You don’t realize that you’re not the only one
To hurt, to cry, to feel pain ,
Yet you don’t seem to get out your selfish hate,
Maybe you’ll realize it when it’s too late…
But until then you choose the wrong path,
You cut, you bleed and you forgot to laugh,
Your beauty now, is darkened by the sadness you feel
When you see your new mask starting to peel…
It hurts to see how much you have changed
you have changed for now and maybe forever…
And yet here I am still holding on.. Hoping the old you will come back,

I hope someday you’ll see that the way you are now is just not right
And try to change back to how you were and I will not give up on you without a fight.

The author's comments:
this is about a friend of mien that i don't have anymore i miss being friends with her i wish we were still friends

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