The Maze

Life is a maze.
You start your journey
Unaware of what’s ahead.
The road is not so far.
But then people tell you,
As you wander on your path,
That the maze is not winnable;
That it is unfair.
They build walls within the maze,
And add dead ends.
These interruptions
Make the maze more intriguing
And enjoyable.

Along your journey,
You meet companions.
Some want to stay with you
As long as they can.
Others cannot keep up.
With each experience
Comes desire
For wanting something more.

During this great adventure,
You’ll come across bumps in the road.
You may falter your footsteps,
But you always recover.
You take joy in the fact
That these obstacles exist,
Because you will better enjoy
The smoothness of the roads to come.

Yes, what they told you is true:
The maze never ends.
You are never finished.
But this is a great thing
Because you will never worry again
About channeling desires.

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