life hurts

November 23, 2009
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for an answer to my dreams
I’m wrong
I’m right
I fight
I bite
I need someone to hold me right here tonight
its impossible to think someone actually cares
when all I get is sex and then they leave me scared
maybe a little x will kill the pain
I’m tired of feeling shame
I need help
Now is not the time to yelp
I’m scared and all I need is someone I can trust
I’m tired of being in lust
So this is what its like to be a teenager
It hurts
I need to find a hearse
Maybe I’m crazy
I scream for no reason
I’m craving
To be in a different region
This part of the world sucks
I cant use this as a crutch
I cant be oblivious
I’m tired of being lascivious
Being filled with such lust
I cant live my life right
Just tuck me in tonight
I need you
Where are you
I need you
And you leave me
I’ll show no mercy
You’ll be sorry
I promise
Sorry that you ever left
Sorry that you didn’t come back
Sorry that you left my heart shattered in a million pieces
Sorry that you didn’t help me
Sorry that you wasn’t there to save me
Sorry that you couldn’t stop me from dieing
Sorry that I pulled the trigger
Sorry that I took those drugs
Sorry that you were too to come see me
Too bad I could’ve been the perfect daughter to you
The perfect girlfriend to him or her
The perfect lover
The perfect sinner
I could’ve been thinner if that’s what you want
I could’ve made love more passionately if that’s what you want
I could’ve listened more if that’s what you wanted
But you never told me anything
Never made me understand
And now its your fault
You may cry
You may sigh and wish I was there
But I never will be again
And its all your fault
Life hurts doesn't it?

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