lost love

November 16, 2009
By xaviersbabygirl BRONZE, Port Huron, Michigan
xaviersbabygirl BRONZE, Port Huron, Michigan
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"Never speak when your angry. If you do you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret."

To hold on to love is easier than life.
To let go of love slowly kills.
To keep a love a secret is a bullet to the brain.
I love you, I lost you, and now I'm done with it all.

I'm sorry for the pain.
Guilty for the tears.
The cause of fears.
I never meant for any of this to happen.

You'll always have a place in my heart.
I love you.
Always is when you'll be on my mind.
Forever in my heart.

I wanted you to know how i felt.
Since i cant be there with you.
I wanted you to have one last memory.
I'll keep you close always and forever.

With love,

Yours Truly

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