Rex of a Lamb

November 16, 2009
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Well the ghosts of my past won’t let me rest,
And your heart isn’t mine, though I feel it in your chest.
We’re on two different paths that will never collide-
But I’m scared to move on without you by my side.

When the ghosts of your past won’t let you be,
And all you are to me is a warm body-
Should we move forward only to begin our end?
And do you think we can ever not be more than ‘just friends’?

If actions could speak, they would scream your shame.
You think you’re such a badass but I just think you’re lame.
The president of nothing; a king who can’t think for themselves,
And by the time that you realize this, I will be with someone else.

Then you will be by yourself- but is that really what you want?
I could be your new ghost, and it’s your dreams I will haunt.
So be careful while you still have a chance with me today-
Because when you mess up, I’ll be the girl who got away.

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