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November 15, 2009
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i never dreamt it was possible to feel for someone with all the hendrance we must surpass to get what we crave. though all the distance, frustrations, and complications - i love you just the same. the seconds pass as your on my mind, as i try to forget my foolish times. you allow me to reach my full potential. without you i would lose my way. the shame i would carry if i lost you is uncommunicable beyond belief. im not a sappy love song, but your my angel from above, your more then as they say meets the eye. on the outside and in, you transcend my every need, want, and wish. i would hope you could look beyond my mistakes and flaws, seeing as im human; i come with many of my own, unique to my persona. you still have me in awe from your first hellos to you closing farewells, to which i see no change. i could lose it all but still pray ill have you at my side. no one outside yourself has ever made me feel so wanted, needed..special. to be in your arms will be a dream come true, a wish made and granted. i could never expect you to erase my mistakes, as if never made. would i only ever ask for a second chance to show you who i am, can be, and will be for only you. this is not an implore for sympathy, so much as a simple display of my inner thoughts. to want and to need can begin as two, but through time mean just the same. sooner than presumed can create a mighty startle, to the unexpecting as well as the prepared. to the world you are an individual being, while from a personal perspective you are a top priority. i see you as nothing short of perfect, despite what some might see. through all and all im here for you, with no harsh judgment, acceptance, and an endless growth of love.

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