Get Out

November 15, 2009
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Watch you turn away,
On the heel of your,
New bloodred flats,
My cheeks flushed,
Near enough,

“Wait!” I yell,
“You. Don’t. Get,”
I breathe,
“To walk out on me”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”
They whisper to,
Their oh-so-lucky friends,

Daggers shot from my eyes,
Electric shocks from her blue ones,
My hazel irises make hers look,

She just glares,
That one I know,
Trust me honey,
I’ve been there before,

I whisper,
That unforgivable word,
The one we vowed,
Never to le t slip from,
Our mouths,

And I enjoy her pain,
As I watch her weak tear,
Slide down her blushed face,
And I taste the fury,
When I see her lip quiver,
As mine has done,
So many times,

And the onlookers,
Could reach out and touch,
The boiling static,
And cold tension,
Between us,

Her stare fails,
To root me to my place,
As she wishes,
And I walk,

Over to her spot,
And utter,
Barely audible,
“Get Out”
She steps back,

I grab her arm,
“'Cuz you’ve hurt me,
Too much,
To be here anymore.”

And as she moves,
And slumps away,
I cherish her first,

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Yael K. said...
Jan. 11, 2010 at 7:17 pm
love the last half of it, hm any chance i know where this is coming from? :) the ending is so harsh its great
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