November 15, 2009

The stump that you’re sitting on has a soft, wet feel.
The animals of the forest singing their song,
The crickets chirping, the baby birds calling to their mothers,
All the elements combined create the Harmony of the forest.

The tree in front of you is growing in a green, leafy vine.
The tree is endlessly high, as if it entered the heavens.
You taste the salty air caused by the fog, your eyes wide open.
You’re intrigued…
How can a place like this hold so much life?

The smell of dinner is drifting to your nose from the nearby fire pit.
You get up to eat your meal when…
A hawk flies over your head.
The magnificent bird soars in all its glory… but, Alone.
You envy the hawk. Why can’t you be just like him, why can’t you just be free?

The hawk can only fly in this forest, is it a sanctuary? Or is it a prison?
Is the hawk free?
Or in captivity, and it is us that is free?
I guess that it comes down to a matter of perspective.

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