What the Truth Comes Down to in the End

November 15, 2009
By caz6494 BRONZE, New York, New York
caz6494 BRONZE, New York, New York
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Angry is too vague,
Depression is too strong.
There’s a feeling inside me,
Like something is wrong.

This social hierarchy
Has come to rule,
It’s a given not a chosen
Loser or cool.

There are the kids who are smart but lonely
Some kids with defiant faces,
Some kids are popular,
Your ranking follows you all places.

Are there others like me?
I wonder each day,
Will I be stuck with this label forever?
Or can I lose it some way?

Will I always feel like this
Just one in the crowd?
As I watch the others,
Be pampered and proud.

A lie can hurt,
But the truth hurts more.
And at this school
There’s pretending galore.

One minute you’re friends,
The next you are not.
People become fake,
Like the Barbie doll you bought.

Mockery and cruelty,
A sign of being insecure.
They get enjoyment and feel confident
As the others commit to their lure.

Is it fair?
Is it honestly true,
That anyone deserves to feel this way?
The answer is no, not me, not you.

It’s tough,
And it only gets tougher.
People usually don’t become nicer,
They most likely become rougher.

Just be yourself,
That’s what anyone can say.
But could you sit here honestly
And tell me that it works everyday?

And the fact that I care
The part that really hurts most.
Is that I feel upset and unwanted
When others are perfect and boast.

But sitting here
Alone and sad
Makes me feel worse
And gets me all mad.

It’s all so confusing
Why this means so much to me.
It’s the pressure, the atmosphere
That makes life seem like a trophy.

Either you have it or you don’t.
Is there something you can do?
About this black or white, no gray.
Maybe together me and you.

This isn’t a complaint
Or a wish for the better
Nor is it a compliment
It’s just a long letter.

So pick up your head,
high upon your shoulders.
Look at these moments as opportunities,
And not giant boulders

To those who have helped me
And to those who have not
This realization is surreal
Now I'm happy a lot.

I’m not asking for an enemy,
Nor pity or a friend,
I just want everyone to realize,
What the truth comes down to in the end.

The author's comments:
I write things down the minute they come to me. i write solely from inspiration and emotion.

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