Goodbye Love

November 30, 2009
By Natalie Poirier BRONZE, National Park, New Jersey
Natalie Poirier BRONZE, National Park, New Jersey
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He stood on the pavement, like a god.

His movements and gestures mended together to create a picture perfect scene.

He smiled a shining, stupendous, star-like smile and cast it in my direction.

My first instinct came to me as if a cheetah just ran over a turtle.

So I of course

Smiled with such joy that had never been seen before on the face of the planet.

Even Santa wouldn't have believed it.

But to see him holding his arms out made me realize that he did not at all acknowledge me.

No. He acknowledged her.

The girl who ran with such a fluid form.

The girl who had pale blonde hair.

The girl who had the eyes of the Hawaiian Ocean.

Most importantly, the girl whom I wanted to stab, beat and torture.

And that is why I have refrained from love my whole life.

The author's comments:
This piece is based off of one of my real life experiences. It is to show how much torture and pain are in love and how love is a negative, yet positive thing. I hope people will understand what love actually is. I want people to know that love hurts. A lot. It stabs you in your heart when you least expect it. Yet it can also hand you roses and broken bits of your heart.

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