Boxed In

November 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Many people like to remenisce on tarnished old nic-nacs.They collect these items and conceal them into an ordinary old box and place the the box into an ordinary old closet.These items are those of sorrow,happiness,and love.But overall they are worn-out bits of memories put away to collect dust.Useless,boring trinkets pulled away from their homes and loved ones, into the darkness to be forgotten, but not totally.When I become useless, boring, and worn-out,will I too be cast into an ordinary old box and be pulled away from my loving mother and often over-caring father that I have grown unbreakable bonds to.And then I to will become forgotten, but not tottally,because when my box is opened and its contents revealed, we the forgotten tokens of the past will jump back stronger than ever and bring back those feelings of sorrow, happiness and love back to our former owners and be cherished for years and years to come, until finally being put back into our ordinary old box.

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