Sitting On This Hill

November 23, 2009
By Anonymous

A grizzly bear sat in a cave upon a lonely hill.
A wandering traveler passed him by and asked for a quick rest.

“Why don’t you come down from atop this hill?” the traveler asked in question.
The bear just pointed down the hill towards a city in the West.

“Who would wish to go down there, the sight of it is too much to bare.
For all that I see is a tunnel of smoke rising from up from the ground.

I see ten million people always feeling lost.
I see ten million people who want to be found.

The people don’t speak what they feel.
Who could bare to see people holding in their true emotions and living this way?

Every sound from that city is much too loud for me to barely stand.
I can hear the sounds of hatred even when I am this far away.

And who could bare to feel this city in its dreadful state.
Every living one down there never really knows or cares.

Each of them had no care in the world as to what happens to you.
They all take everything as theirs.

But someday I might go down with all four feet in the city.
And someday I might go down and not have to feel complete despair.

But until then, I’ll have to wait.
For no one in their proper state would want to enter the place down there.

Unless of course, the clouds disappear and the sounds of anger vanish,
And the stench and sour feelings drift far from here.

Then I will go down to find a sunny sky and to hear the whistling of happy tunes.
Perhaps then I will climb down this hill and everyone will feel bright with cheer.

But until then, I sit on this hill while travelers pass me by.
Maybe now, you can see as you sit on this hill.”

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