November 15, 2009
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Most of us are immigrants of the United States
Whether from the old or young generations
Our blood line is formed from another land, but it is now located here
How can the old generations say that the young don’t belong here?
When the old generation stole this land we now know as America?
When the old generation held animosity to people of Ellis and Angel?
What about you Know-Nothings?
You truly know nothing, if you don’t know people work hard.
We try, and yes we young generations admit some people are up to no good,
But don’t judge a group by one or a few people.
Old generations have no good people too.
We bring our roots, but we also bring our hopes.
Most of us are immigrants, from lands that we may or may not recognize.
We all have hope in our hearts.
We are all part of this union in which we try so hard to perfect.
We all take the pledge to the flag.
We are America. We are hope. We are immigrants.

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