Dare I forget?

November 15, 2009
I walk into the middle of the shimmering black mirror,

The waters are the calmest they've ever been,

not even a ripple appears.

Twilight paints the serene water, painting them a midnight blue.

Through my peace I barely hear what anyone says around me.

Then my heart accelerates,

my breath hitches in my throat as I hear the words,

"How are you holding up now that he's passed away?"

Ghostly moonlight cascades onto my skin,

taking the shape of my lost love.

And slowly,

once again,

my heart slices the feeble stitches that have been hastily put on it,

and I hold it in my hands.

Dare I forget?

Forget all the good times?

Forget all the bad?

Forget his brutal death?

Forget my pain?

Emotionless I run,

run away from my pain,

locking away my heart for good.

And it is left,

Forever bleeding in the cascading moonlight.

Dare I forget?

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