The Rain

November 15, 2009
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Like a baby crying in the night,
Gasping for his mother.
A sound that can shatter a heart.
Tears roll down her face,
Like the raindrops which water the gardens.

A lovers heart singing for its partner.
She misses her love,
He wants her voice.
Tears like raindrops
Voices like thunder,
Pain like lighting.

A birthday gift long awaited for,
Happiness tears streaking the face.
Filling tired eyes
And blurring slow vision.
These raindrops are sun showers.
Days we all dream of and wish for.

Saying goodbye to a best friend
As she loads up the mini van
And makes her way to California while you are stuck in NJ.
Trying to chase after her,
But we know she isn't coming back.
No matter what happens,
Your raindrops will just make it worse.

The pitter patter on my window,
Soaking the ground and staning it.
Trees now grow.
Plants are blossomed.
And the tears are now dried.

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