November 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Eyelids of Dutch boys
Sea-laden with miseries
Against the urge to jerk and
Obscure the world in deluge
Put me down to a Hellish hibernation—

Cublike in a towering, swirling torrent, I fall to Four.
Down, down, down, I stare at the word “black”
Until it slows down the labyrinth of scribbles:
b-l-a-c-k. b l a c k.
|_ | /_ _ | _| |
| | | | |
|_| | | | |_ | |. | | | | | | | |.
With scribbles segregated into reservations,
The frozen world envelopes, comforts
Here I witness berries denning.
One, two, slide-scream away,
Far away.
Number Three runs and prostrates beneath me, but
I stay with over-sweet
Blackbeary seeds jammed between my—

Alarm shatters the scribbleseeds back to coherence cohesion
Tripping and skidding upon themselves
Summoning an awakening to rise
My tumid Atlas boys straighten to their full height
Easy eye for the shot ("tranquil" ized)
First last breath

Oh God the horror
the Horror

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