November 14, 2009
By Anonymous

What is beautiful?
When I look at you I know.
When I gaze into your brown eyes,
Your natural beauty shows.
Your sweet smile and laugh makes my heart sing.
You just don’t know all the joy that you bring.
What is loyal?
When you call me on the phone.
My question is answered.
You call me just to here my voice.
When I was sick you checked up on me every minute of the day.
And when I was scared you stayed on the phone until I fell asleep okay.
What is perfect?
That there, is me and you,
Our love for one another helps us get through.
When your boys said to leave,
You promised to stay.
You protected my name, and with you I feel safe.
What is friend?
You’ve shown me what a true friend can be.
Throughout these years I’ve known you, that’s what you’ve showed me.
So amazing how one relationship can grow into something so beautiful.
Because beautiful is what you are, really,…“beautiful.”

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