My Own Testament - Part Two

November 14, 2009
I saw the sun a few weeks ago,
shining brilliantly as if it didn’t have a care in the world.
The same sun, I thought,
the same sun that sees the death of millions.
And it keeps shining.

I saw the sky a few weeks ago,
White clouds dabbed on a blue canvas,
Balmy winds swirling around my hair.
A break from my competition, it was,
A chance to twirl outside.

I saw a path a few weeks ago,
A path by a playground, cluttered
With the footprints of small children
Juxtaposed with mine.
It was surrounded by emerald grass,
gleaming and thriving with the life force of the Earth.

It was not the path less traveled,
Why, it was the only path.
The cracked concrete headed directly straight,
A narrow path in one direction.

I saw which direction I needed to go,
A few weeks ago,
And began striding along
Wondering where the path would take me.
Tugging, pushing, pulling,
the wind tried leading me away from the defined straightness
Of the narrow path.

Almost struggling now, I continued walking,
Tripping over my feet in a zig-zag fashion,
My trail bent out of shape from the wind.

I almost did not notice, then,
That I had stumbled to where I had started.
In my narrow viewpoint and my avoidance of the wind,
I had failed to notice,
Failed to witness,
Failed to realize,
That the path was circular.

So I started walking again.
But when the wind started lashing,
Tugging, pushing, pulling,
I smiled at the stream of air roaring,
And let it take me.
I let it take me to the playground.

I know that the Unknown will stay,
But what I do know is this:
When my time comes, whenever it shall be,
Like Bellerophon,
Like the butterfly from the cocoon,
I will unlock the bars of the caged bird
And fly.

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