November 14, 2009
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Clarity Cleverly speaks to the minds of those who listen
So instead of letting stories twist and letting lies get mixed in
always possess good intentions to always pay good attention
Because even when a little information is missing
It places confusion in the midst and
it defies clarity
So when I sit to write poetry I keep big words at a minimum
Because I want to talk to the crowd not hint to them
And for the little kids in attendance I'm defending them
Because sometimes its hard to understand her him and them
But then again...
You can't disguise clarity
Clarity can always be found but some times are harder than others
And even when I was a child I found clarity in my Father and mother
Older sister younger brothers
Famous lawyers street hustlers
School teacher circus juggler
And there's no need to go any further
because the point is.....
No matter what the situation
or the task jus be patient
Because if you search hard enough you'll always find clarity

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