The Reality of Things

November 13, 2009
By JinSang BRONZE, Frisco, Texas
JinSang BRONZE, Frisco, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"If I were rain,
Which connects sky and earth that otherwise never touch,
Could I join two hearts?"

-Tite Kubo (original haiku in Japanese)

Boys will trick you
Boys will use you

Make you think
They're something else
Make you think
He's the only one

Make you feel
Like you're something special
Make you feel
Like it's all real

They say,
"You, only you, forever and ever."
When that really means
"You've got fifteen minutes; make it quick."

Boys are silly
Boys are stupid

Eventually, we'll
Have had enough

We'll break through their masks,
See through the illusion
And finally say,

"You had me fooled,
But now I'm free."

"Good bye."

The author's comments:
I wrote this out of complete boredom. It's not about anyone in particular, but it's happened to me before. And I know for sure I'm not the only one. Anyway, this, again, is the result of boredom.

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