In The Dark

November 13, 2009
The Color of sorrow that drips from your mourning heart
That fills your somber and empty mind
The shadow that hurdles you into a deep slumber
Enclosing your mind for the dreaded night
The color the sky turns when the darkest cloud looms above
As the rain thunders down on your head
The thing that makes you want to forget
That brings a pain you never leave
The color of the cat that crosses your path
And leaves the superstitious frightened
The way the stars seem to stand out
Against the painted and gloomy night sky
The shimmer of the abandoned roads
That are silent after the storm
The waves on the reapers darkened robes

After he has taken someone loved
The feeling in her deepest soul
As she cries lone in the dark
The thing that leaves you wondering
And leaves you to your most terrifying thoughts

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