Broken Carousel

November 13, 2009
The music keeps on going, going,
[doot doot doodle oodle doot doot doot doot]
but this unicorn is slowing, slowing,
stopping by the mural of a
child writing,
mother finding,
colors binding
into one scene
where the embrace loosens
all too soon
and mama falls
and annie calls
and mama’s apology drifts off
in a balloon.
And street peddlers are singing, singing,
[doot doot doodle oodle doot doot doot doot]
while marionettes are swinging, swinging,
stopping by the statue of a
woman running
men gunning
a general’s cunning
in one moment
when the bullet flies
all too quickly
and annie drops
and mama stops
and the men’s apology floats away
into the sea.

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