Distant Summer

November 13, 2009
By Chrysi Prakas BRONZE, St. James, New York
Chrysi Prakas BRONZE, St. James, New York
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Distant Summer

They planned and hoped and dreamed for months
They folded it all up and tucked it safely away in their minds
Slowly but surely, their thoughts unfolded into moments
Moments that became eternal memories

Days came and went and the rain just wouldn’t clear up
The plane landed and they could feel the sun swarming around it
Rays of heat gently stung their fair winter skin
And aroused the year long forgotten
Glimmering, golden, olive complexions

They unpacked
and wrapped up all their
school worries and bad memories
Carelessly they lived in joyous bliss

They bathed and dressed and laughed for weeks
By day they watched the sea’s waves curl and crush upon the shore
By night they were intoxicated by the blaring, soothing sounds
and the erotic, instigating voices of the people in the square
Tears of laughter led them through life with no fears
The month couldn’t have felt more right

And even when wronged, all wasted tears dried in a hurry
For they knew that they would all only last the summer
They were swallowed whole by all the smiles
And soon enough
The summer became a distant dream

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem because of the summer I just spent with my cousin in Greece. I was told to write a poem in creative writing, and this is what came out.

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