Brick Wall

November 13, 2009
By SierraO562 SILVER, Long Beach, California
SierraO562 SILVER, Long Beach, California
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Favorite Quote:
"We never hold each other back , we push each other forward.." _ Some random dude on the street haha :)

" It's Never the Tears that Measure the Pain. SOmetimes it`s the smiLe that we Fake just tO shOw Others we`re Okay." _Myself (Sierra Ornelas) (:

Where do i turn too
When everythings blocked off ?
Who do i run too
When their all gone ?

How do i fight this
With my eyes glued shut ?
How can i put a badge on a paper cut
When my hearts the real reason im bleeding

How can i breathe
With dust flying everywhere
But mostly ...

How can you be so foolish
So stupid and push me away
When all i ask for is assurance in my life

Yeah , you've been very supportive
Came too all my games
But you never once looked in the eyes

And felt my pain
You don't know how much it kills me
Too not be myself at home

Because of this i've built this wall as a guide
But instead it always falls
And im left lifeless and bleeding
But hey i'll be strong

I'll work at this relationship
And hopefully
You'll grab my hands
Pick me up and dust me off
Never once have i regreted saying i love you

But i do regret not saying it enough
So in dedication too my mother
I love you and always will
You mean the world too me
And i don't wanna lose ya

With love,
Your baby girl , sierra

The author's comments:
I wrote it from the heart
im not that close too my mom so i hoed this will help us

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