Grand Scheme

November 13, 2009
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Wild and unrelenting
I will not be repenting
For my feelings, I should be preventing.

My heat aflame
With passion, I cannot tame.
I could not restrain the tears that came.

Why can’t he be mine?
Till the end of time,
Is that some kind of crime?

Is it wrong to want what makes you thrive?
That makes you feel alive,
That makes your heart glide?

He is my light.
In the dead of night
Who makes me feel right.

He is the comb in my hair
He is my forever,
The one who is always there.
We are a forbidden pair.

Fate has led us to one another,
In a class of Mr. Holder.
My feelings are the one thing I attempt to smother.

I try to hide,
What I feel inside.
Deep in my mind,
All I see,
Is what we should be.

In my heart, I treasure a dream,
That He and I are in Harmony
Above the control of my Family

The minute I mention us as a couple
Pop, goes my bubble.
Cause my Family thinks he’s trouble.

My brilliant scheme,
Has to stay a dream
Till I am finally free.

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