3 strikes, and 5 seasons too many

November 13, 2009
By Winnebago SILVER, Morrison, Colorado
Winnebago SILVER, Morrison, Colorado
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They say ungrateful and cold
I say opinionated and bold
They say ungracious and mean
I say truthful and keen
Two sides to every story
Who’s right and who’s wrong
They say they’re not shouting, trying to make me understand
I say the screaming makes all their words blend
These are times to be supporting and thankful
All they dish out is ignorance and regretful
The people who raise and teach
Are not supposed to lie and cheat
They tell you be truthful, be loving
And never ever to be name calling
Yet here you are, hovering above me
No truth and no love, can you let me be
That’s two strikes now, one more and your out
Never in my whole life did I think that
One single word could carry such a sting
Blood shot eyes and a pointed finger
Spat out “bitch” in an anger fever
I say ungrateful and cold
And not opinionated and bold
I say ungracious and mean
And not truthful and keen
Two sides to every story
So tell me…

Who’s right and who’s wrong

The author's comments:
3 strikes means just what it sounds like in the poem. They have struck out in love and in truthfullness, and now on "name calling". Name calling in this sense is something much deeper and hurtful. The 5 seasons too many means that it has been going on for 5 years.

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