Through The Night

November 12, 2009
Night is a darkness cheer,
Heavy fog is setting in,
The spirits and ghost are coming,
What can you hunt which you can’t send back?,

Corpse arrive from the grave,
Vampires coming from bats,
Bravery is what the town people lack,
Everyone is scared to die,
But have no trouble to cry,
Cry in fear, cry an scream all you want,
No one is coming to save you,

Blood is all you’ll see,
Cries coming from fear,
Rain is casted in, a perfect fright,
All hopes to be a hero that shameful night,
No sense to make a plan,

When all fails, you’ll only run,
Hoping to make it through the night,
Eyes looking for a place to hide,
Like telescopes in a open window,

Distance is setting in the near,
Wrong direction takes in as stupidity,
This night as a history.

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