November 12, 2009
I’m such a disgrace,
As I hit the wall,
Such a great escape,
As the wall comes silent,

I can’t concentrate as the wall turns red,
A leak comes through my hand,
Why am I doing this for?
Not like anyone cares,
Such a disgrace, turning to filth,

Horrid screams echo through my head,
A bad day gets way worse,
Turning to the dark side of me,
I guess I deserve to be alone,

I can’t concentrate anymore,
I feel like a idiot,
Turning into disgrace,
Tears start to hit the floor,

I’m a disgrace, I shut the light,
I wait in the dark,
I love, hair is in my face,
Looking at the ground,
I can’t see my good side anymore,
Just a disgrace,
Shaking, can’t stop or sleep,
I hate feeling this way.

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