Children Seeing Children

November 12, 2009
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Could you imagine such a sight?
One of the most horrif things.
Fifteen years old, lying there.
Never to move or take in another breath.
Never to say "good morning" to a friend.
Never "good night" to her brother or sister.
Nor another "I love you" to her mother, before bed.
No future to look to.
Only a past to reflect on.
What else is left?
Photographs, videos, revordings and fading memories.
Yellowing paper and torn birthday cards.
What else is there?
Children line up to say good bye.
Seeing a friend for the last time.
A seat empty in the classroom, a name that won't be called.
Embracing on another to get through these minutes of horror.
Trying to hold on to any shred of memory.
Trying to grasp any thoughts of her voice.
Children signing papers, sending them up with her.
Tear soaked faces, in what seem to be permanent frowns.
A final good bye, the end of a horrific thing.

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