November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

That is the cruelty of love,
As soon as you feel that you could not be any happier,
The world crushes down upon you and you feel it,
Your heart just cracking, tearing, bleeding,
And through you blurry eyes all you can see is his back,
And he keeps walking away, not looking back,
Not once, then the world starts to break.

As the cracks form in your world,
You don’t seem to care anymore, and eventually you fall in them
The darkness surrounds you as the light fades away,
The dark bounds you and gags you to say no more loving or caring words
It is so cruel and cunning, yet so comforting and numbing

I lean into the shadows as I feel nothing, and I worship it,
With the worship of darkness I cannot feel,
And that, seems most caring and loving to me,
People die for the person that they love,
So I will die for the darkness so I will always feel nothing,
And be with the one I love, forever

So I go to the one place that darkness is the place that will take me,
The ocean, once so beautiful, now dark in my eyes,
The warm sand turns cool as I take one step, then another
The water is up to my neck when I let go
The current sweeps me off my feet
And so I join my one and only love,

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