November 12, 2009
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What is the matter?
You sit and stare through the glass
Curious as to what your life will be
Do not be so hot headed
You do not have to attempt at being bold
Just look around and have no fear
I am your big sister, I'm always here
From the moment you cried your very first tears
And all throughout your toddler years
When you played baseball and then lacrosse
I just went to sit and watch
Looking back on it now i sit and wait
Wondering what it'll be like when you go on your very first date
Things will change as you grow older
The more we fight and rant and rave
We will look back upon as we begin to change
Four years older, yet from the same
So wipe that frown right from your face
Just remember it can be replaced
Not by a game, a girl, or a toy
Just do not fear little boy
The sun will shine another day
You are my brother since day one
So do not fret and do not cry
As the anger and fury builds behing your eyes
Just stop and know I'm always here
I am your sister, so do not fear.

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