November 12, 2009
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They wave at each other from across the street:
An ice cream store behind him and a sandwich shop behind her
The sun hazing above both of them.
Dusty cars ripple on either side of the crosswalk and wait –
Drivers tap their fingers against their steering wheels while children bicker in the backseat
A few look around, questioning exactly what they were waiting for
The kids in the backseat, as innocent as they are, know.
The man in front of the ice cream store crosses the street and captures the woman in an embrace, in a beautiful, passionate kiss
Their faces, pale as white iris clumps flush with color and both figures grow wings and float towards the sky
The grown ups, aware of a moment, but unsure of what had just occurred
Tentatively hush their cars past the sandwich shop, past the ice cream, glancing in the rear view at their kids.
The children smile, knowing what they had seen and they close their eyes, wishing that one-day, they too could have a kiss that would help them grow angel’s wings and carry them home.

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