The Crash

November 12, 2009
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The speedometer flies up to 87mph
Faster, faster, make it go faster.

I hear tires squeal
Glass shatters I hear a scream and yet another crash
My heads hanging …blood drips
The blood keeps dripping out of from in between my lips
It won’t stop
I hear a voice and then a siren
I hear glass crunching beneath the crowd’s feet
Why aren’t they helping me?
I hear my mother’s scream
As I try to whisper “I crashed”
She doesn’t hear me
They push her back
As they lift my helpless body of the pavement, I turn and see an ambulance pull away. A crying kid about my age, a older man his face twisted in rage.
I start to whimper
It hurts so much
The throbbing pain in each leg
The blood now dripping down my face
Everything starts to fade black then white, then black again
I wake up early or so it seems
I see my mother next to me
I try to turn my neck to look and see
What happened last?
I had so much fun at the party
All I remember are the flashing lights
My mother sighs
WH-what happened I ask?
Drinking and driving is a crime she slowly replies
How could I hurt her like this?
I hear my sister and little brother cries and my father who tries to quite there tears
I look at her and ask
What happened at the crash?
The other driver died ….
She was a mother
That must have been her child I saw cry
How could my friends let me drink and drive?
How could I have let myself I cried?
I’m lucky, I’m in a body cast, and now the mother is in a casket
How can I deal with the grief?
I wish there was some sort of relief

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shabam34 said...
Dec. 27, 2009 at 1:51 am
you are really good!!!!!! :) I wish car crashes didnt happen in real life :( im glad you havent had to experience that. u think u could post and rate some of my work plz?
riedel replied...
Dec. 29, 2009 at 10:43 am
I have checked out your work and Im glad you liked this ...well its hard to like something so horribe but it comes easy for me to write !! LYLAS !
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