Death Casts A Shadow

November 12, 2009
By Shaylee Correll BRONZE, Wabash, Indiana
Shaylee Correll BRONZE, Wabash, Indiana
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You are just a shadow now,
you walk with me in the streets,
you do not speak,
for you are silenced now,
it was to much for you,
you gave in.
Your state of mind got the best of you,
it took you away.
It casted a shadow,
on me,
your shadow follows me everyday,
walking silently along,
busting my eardrums with its scream.
the shadow was casted,
for my sake.
it watches over me,
like a fallen angel.
The shadow is cast over my world,
to tell me your okay,
and that i will be too.
you have fallen to rest,
but your shadow lives on.

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