Out of the Darkness is Rain

November 12, 2009
In the darkness I sit
Letting the tears trail down my cheeks
The rain soaking through my clothes
Turning my skin pale and cold
My lips blue
But I sit there anyways

Being alone
Being forgotten

I can't see anything
Just black space all around me
Just the sound of rain drops hitting the ground around me
But there's something out here with me
I know it's there, watching me

Now it's getting closer
Footsteps getting louder
Warm hands lift me up
And I am placed against a warm body
I can hear them sighing with relief
Is it because they found me alive?

They take me to someplace warmer where the rain doesn't fall
A house? A cabin? I'm not sure
A light turns on and I see their face

I know this face
I know this person
I know this body
I know this man
I know this...friend

He helps me get out of my wet soggy clothes
He helps me into warmer dry ones
He helps me get something hot to eat
And he helps me into a warm bed

He lays there with me
Holding me close
Whispering how worried he was
Telling me to never do that again

He loves me...
Rain...loves me
Out of it all is him alone
Out of the darkness is Rain

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