If Shooting Stars Shall Slide II

November 12, 2009
Many nights, I rest, but filled with regret
So down that I often wonder “What’s next?”
The silver lining in the darkness appears:
I reach out, as if she were near—
To touch, to feel,
Fantasies help nothing when you want what’s real.
I think of what happens when “Shooting Stars Shall Slide”
You make a wish to the night sky—
So here I am, hoping to wish for the chance
To end this single, non-existent romance
My heroine, addicting and saving,
She is the game that I enjoy playing.
She is a new face, brighter, better
Press a button to bring us to the same level
A kiss, as she stands on her tips
My hands rest delicately on her hips
She not only meets me—
But she meets my hopes.
She screams of what I envision in dreams
A sight of perfection,
She is the key

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