Black Heart

November 12, 2009
By KellyBelle BRONZE, Frankfort, Kentucky
KellyBelle BRONZE, Frankfort, Kentucky
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So, there's this guy
He's so sweet and kind
I would give him my heart
But what would he do with a heart stained black

A heart tarnished
By hate and death
Love and loss
Violence and war

Just a stupid little heart
That can't let go
And slowly kills itself
When anyone leaves

You can have it
If you want
It's not in great condition
But it's the thought that counts

As long as you don't mind
Scars and gashes
On a heart as black as pitch
It will be your worthless treasure

And if you choose to accept your gift
Be sure not to drop it
It's fragile and delicate
In your careless hands

By taking it
You promise
To keep it safe
And protect it

For all it ever wanted
Was to be loved
And cherished
By someone

Who could make it happy
And hold it close
To love it forever

A knight in shining armor
Or Prince Charming
But no one ever came
Leaving it to sit alone in a tower

Slowly rotting
Turning sour
Filling with hatred
Turning into a black heart

A heart so lonely
All it knows how to do
Is hurt
And hate

Quietly searching
For someone
To help it
Change its ways

And when it finds the one
Who can see it perfectly in all its imperfections
He will be the one
And my black heart


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